Image of YouTube Channel

Middle and High School athletics that are being live streamed will be found on our district You Tube channel unless otherwise publicized.  The link for these events will remain the same.  

The easiest way to ensure you do not miss an  event is to:

1) Subscribe by logging in to your YouTube account (usually the same as your gmail address) and clicking the "subscribe" button in the upper right hand corner and then

2) Telling YouTube to "remind" you of upcoming events by clicking the bell in the upper right hand corner

By doing this, when live streaming starts, you will receive a notice in your YouTube app or your email.

While we are by no means experts, you should be able to watch the events on your computer, mobile device, or Television if you have the You Tube app installed.

When we are live streaming, the event appears on your YouTube channel page with a "LIVE" logo on the video