Athletic Information

We at Litchfield Middle School believe that athletes should be taught the fundamentals of sports while also learning how to be competitive. As kids practice and make the commitment to being part of an athletic team, they will also develop the essential skills being taught. It is equally important that athletes set measurable goals for themselves and establish a sense of school pride. The practice of these skills both in games and at practice prepares students for upper level athletics.

Athletes at LMS will be included in an overall team concept as they develop individually. Although playing time is not equal, everyone is equally important to the team. At every level, there will be skills that may come easily and others will pose a real challenge. Whichever the case may be, hard work and dedication to the team will lead every athlete in a positive direction on the court/field, in the classroom, or in life.

The coaches at Litchfield Middle School are proud of the athletic programs and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.