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The school district’s food service has been working to improve menu offerings. Menu choices during the pandemic have been increased and quality of choices have recently  improved thanks in part to an increase in the numbers of families choosing to have their children attend classes in-person.

 To help with planning at home , food service will  publish the new monthly menu’s prior to the start of the new month.  They will try to offer items that they know kids will enjoy and are available from suppliers so we don’t have many menu changes.

 Elementary schools will  send out a new paper menu at the beginning of each month. Please save it and stick it to the refrigerator or in a place you can find it.  We will let you know of main item menu changes in advance when possible.  We know that this is important when you might have a picky eater!


 For THE MOST UP TO DATE MENU, there are several places for you to check. On any district school, click on EXPLORE at the top of the page and select “DINING”.  This takes you directly to our menu offerings.

 In addition, Nutrislice offers a free app in the iOS and Android/Google Play stores.  This app provides the same information as the district website.



Breakfast and Lunch is available FREE OF CHARGE to ALL  students in grades K-12 Monday through Thursday.  All students grades Pre K –12 can pick up breakfast and lunch every Friday morning in the circle drive in front of the middle and high school in the circle derive from 8a.m. to 10 a.m.  The FREE meals area available for the entire  2020-2021 school year.